The Makeover Loan

This is a renovation financing service only exclusive for The Makeover Guys’ customers.

Easy Application

Fast Approval

Here to give your house the makeover it deserves - even on a tight budget!

The Makeover Loan Calculator

Annual Interest Rate (%)
Monthly Repayment

1 Eligible loan amount is subject to the availability of the customer based on income versus commitments. Further analysis is required to determine the actual amount that can be borrowed and is subject to the bank's approval.

2 The monthly repayment is subject to other factors such as customer profile risk, DSR calculations, existing loan facilities, etc.

Now it’s even easier in getting your designer dream home.

Interest rate from4.99%

Up to7 yearsloan tenure

Who Is This Product For?

No credit card

Limited credit limit

Prefers manageable expense

Tight cash flow

How Do You Apply?

Step 1

Provide your contact details to The Makeover Guys.

Step 2

Finology team will contact you within 2 business days.

Step 3

Proceed with document submission.

Step 4

Receive updates on your submission within 3 to 5 business days.

This financing service is supported by Finology, an Asia-Pacific fintech company that specialises in enabling embedded and seamless end-to-end access to financial products.

Terms and conditions apply.


What is Makeover Loan?
Makeover Loan is a personal financing option tailored specifically for your makeover projects.
Who is the financier?
The financing is provided by banks ONLY and Finology works directly with the bank's HQ. Finology acts as a facilitator in providing access to these banks and their financing products.
Who is eligible for Makeover Loan?
This package is open to all Malaysian citizens aged between 21-55 years old, with a monthly gross income of RM5,000 or more. Self-employed and Business Owner are encouraged to apply.
What are the documents required to apply for Makeover Loan?
IC Copy, 3 months payslips and 3 month bank statement. For commission earners, 6 month payslip and bank statement will be required. More documents may be required depending on the bank. For Self-Employed and Business Owner, more information will be provided by our partner, Finology.
Data security and privacy.
Customer data is treated with the utmost care and confidentiality. The data is only used and shared with Finology for the purpose of processing the financing application.
How will the customer be contacted?
You will be contacted by Finology’s Hotline number: 03-7451 5283 (Direct Line) or 010-384 5284 (WhatsApp).

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