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Working tirelessly for your properties? Well, you shouldn't be. Unleash your property's potential and let it work for you. See our work

We're an effortless solution for property investors, and we provide strategic makeovers to achieve higher returns and ease rentability

Smart interiors are key to winning in the highly competitive property market. Quick, budget-friendly, and hassle-free, make your property work FOR YOU and not against you!

Here's our approach



We identify the ideal tenant type for your property based on an area analysis and relevant data, and structure the initial plan using proven strategies.



At this stage, simply hand us the keys, relax, and do the things that make you happy. We'll see you for the handover within 30 working days.



After the makeover, our photographers will take pro-level shots of your unit for digital platforms, and our rental arm The Property Guys will handle the entire process of securing tenants.



We understand that there are risks involved in renting out units, and that's why we are the FIRST to provide insurance on our makeovers! The Makeover Care is a comprehensive coverage plan that covers all items in the makeover, and even protects against malicious damage caused by bad tenants.

Over 2,400 units completed with 99.2% units rented out at higher-than-median rates.

With our proven track record, staying in a designer home is not only easy - it's fun!

Need more reasons?

Our makeovers are based on your ideal tenant type.

Identifying the right tenant market increases your chances of securing tenants after the makeover.

Here's a selection of our works

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a makeover take?

    Our makeovers are completed within 30 working days. Day 1 begins when we acquire 3 items from you; the keys to your property, the renovation permit from your property's management, and 50% payment deposit. (Note: the 30 working days mentioned does not include the duration necessary for finding a suitable tenant.)

  • Will you help me to find a tenant too?

    Yes! After the makeover, we assign a few handpicked area-specialist agents to help find a suitable tenant. There are no additional charges for this service. However, the agent that manages to close a deal will be entitled to their standard commission. We also take professional photographs of your finished unit as a value-added service - this is to showcase and advertise your unit on online property portals.

  • What kind of rental rates can I expect if I assign your services?

    While we can't control the market, historically all our units have been able to hit top tier rental rates and even set new benchmark rates. For newly VP-ed projects the aim is always about the speed of getting rent. If you're willing to follow market rates, we are 100% sure your unit will get rented out quicker than the competition. However, if you would like to try setting higher benchmark rental rates, you may have to wait a few months to achieve the expected rate. It is certainly possible, but it would require finding the right tenant who is willing to pay higher than the current market rates.

  • Can I assign you to partially-furnish my property?

    Generally, fully furnishing your rental property is the best approach to achieve good ROIs. However, if you’d rather partially furnish, we would suggest to go for contractors instead as it would be more cost-effective. We charge a fixed rate for project management and supervision costs which may render our services not as attractive, therefore a contractor may be a better option - particularly if you already have an idea of what is to be done.

    However, a semi-furnished unit is highly likely to require a long wait for rent due to high competition. The market has an abundance of semi-furnished units listed for rent, making them almost like commodities instead of homes on offer - we would humbly suggest reconsidering your approach to fully-furnished. :)

  • Will I be charged for a quotation / site visit?

    No. Our cost estimates, site visits, and consultations are absolutely free of charge (no strings attached). We believe honesty and transparency is the best way to work together - if there are any additional charges, you will not be billed without notice/approval.

  • How do I know what my property is going to look like?

    In terms of design, our approach is quite different from traditional interior designers. Our designers work independently and perform the makeover based on the targeted tenant pool for your unit. Once we have studied your property, our consultants would share different themes/concepts that we believe are most suitable. Simply choose your preferred option and we’ll stick closely to it. It should be noted that no two properties will be exactly the same - there is always an element of surprise in what we do. If you are not quite comfortable with surprises, we would respectfully advise trying other other options. But if an effortless solution is what you’re looking for, we are your perfect match!

  • How do you charge?

    Firstly, opt for a rough quotation by clicking 'GET A COST ESTIMATE' and fill up the details as required. Once you are comfortable with the costings shown, simply get in touch with us and we will advise on how to proceed. Our team will study your development's location to understand potential buyers or tenants, the layout type & size, items provided by the developer (cabinets, laundry area, etc.), as well as items you may have that could be reused. Based on the info gathered, our strategy consultants will come up with an estimate of your makeover!

  • Do you do 'for sale' properties too?

    Yes we do. Although the majority are rental properties, we do perform makeovers for properties on sale too! Generally, these properties need less furnishing or just minor touch-ups, but fully-furnishing could be the best option too. It all depends on location and the pool of potential buyers, among other factors - our consultants will advise you accordingly.

  • Is your approach different for rental homes compared to live-in homes?

    Yes it is. For rental homes, we would combine investor insights, research, interior design, and marketing strategies to help differentiate your unit from the competition. Differentiation is the key to quick rentability and sale, and it helps increase your chances of getting higher rates. However, the makeover would be based on the targeted tenant profile and may not be catered to individual lifestyle needs.

    On the other hand, live-in home makeovers are crafted according to personal tastes and requirements, a service offered by our sister company GROUNDWORK. We live in a diverse society with different needs, wants and preferences, and GROUNDWORK's approach is fully customizable to meet those requirements.

  • Can you do commercial/retail makeovers?

    Unfortunately we don’t do those for now. But never say never; we’re always finding ways to grow our scope and this may be a possibility in future. Any updates will be announced on our Facebook page!

  • What locations do your service cover?

    Currently, our services only cover the whole of Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. We do hope to reach all regions in Malaysia in the near future - watch for updates!

  • Can I rent one of your finished projects?

    This would be subject to availability, kindly drop us a message via the 'contact' tab and our Rental Consultants will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can visit to view options for move-in ready, designer homes to rent (furnished by The Makeover Guys!).