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Liberty Grove, Kuching

Liberty Grove is a huge property development in Kota Sentosa, Kuching. Despite being a full-fledged development with an Olympic-sized pool and other convenient amenities, there were some problems that irked potential buyers. 

Common issues faced were the process of finding and coordinating contractors to configure a unit and/or set up furnishing, both of which is very troublesome and time consuming. 

WELL, HOW DID WE come in to the picture?

The Makeover Guys collaborated with the developers to fully-furnish a number of their units. This would not only provide beautiful, designer homes to buyers, but it would be cost-effective to incorporate furnishing expenses into loan applications. This also reduces the burden of owners having to come up with initial cash for furnishing.

From the start of the process to the final decision of staying in or renting out, our services remove all the hassle involved in setting up a new home - the only thing left for owners to do is sign the handover papers!

Our solutions helped Liberty Grove solve buyer pain-points and generate renewed interest in their development. For more information on Liberty Grove, visit 


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