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Why Having Insurance Coverage Is Very Important
By The Makeover Guys | 1 May 2020

Not long ago, a unit owned by our client (who we’ll call Mr. Kee) was broken into while vacant. Mr. Kee was distressed to hear the news, but he didn’t have to worry for long thanks to The Makeover Care!

Here’s what happened:
On 6th April 2020, Mr. Kee received a video call from a neighbour whose house had also been broken into, and upon further inspection she noticed that the door to his unit was ajar. After realising what happened, she immediately reported the incident to local police and notified Mr. Kee personally.

Mr. Kee’s unit is located in an Ampang condo development, and by all accounts seemed pretty safe - although it had no alarm, the main door of the unit is timber with a quality lockset. There windows are aluminium-framed and lockable. AND there are security guards looking after the compound. Despite all this, the robbers bypassed all layers of security and got away with Mr. Kee’s 40’’ LED TV, a Morgan ceramic cooker, cups & saucers, champagne glasses, and a throw pillow. There was also damage found on the curtain panels and the TV wall-mount, evidently from rough handling.


While this was not an easy experience, it still had a silver lining - and that was Mr. Kee’s insurance protection by The Makeover Care! The insurance plan covers damages and/or loss of all the items that were included in his makeover. After the proper documentation was sent to the insurance agent, the claim process began and Mr. Kee has now been fully reimbursed for all damaged / lost items mentioned above.

This incident really reaffirmed the importance of having insurance, thereby prompting Mr. Kee to also request for a contract renewal while he was emailing the insurance agent. Situations like these are unpredictable, and if we can’t be sure, insure! You just can’t put a price on having peace of mind.

We hope our sharing of this case will provide reassurance on how your makeover investment is indeed fully protected, so you have nothing to worry about. We came up with this solution because our founders and many members of the team were once inexperienced property investors filled with worries about safety and protection, as all investors do.

With our partnership with Zurich Malaysia and Senang Insurance on The Makeover Care, we managed to address this issue once and for all!

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