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This is not our work life, this is our life's work

The tl;dr

We know you are busy people, so we’ll get straight to the point. We’re a group of bright and creative individuals in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. We squeeze our brains and creative juices daily to create winning formulas for property owners and tenants.

The result? Everybody wins.

That's pretty much it. But if you're still curious, keep scrolling.

Enabling people to enjoy better homes

We believe that great designs should, and can, be available to everyone.

A home is more than just 4 walls and a roof over your head. It is your sanctuary, a place where memories are built and moments are shared. Everybody wants a better home, but most are faced with high monetary costs, time costs, and difficult design decisions.

By implementing smart interiors, we effectively changed the age-old property industry and made it easier for society to live in better homes.

We were the first to make this happen. And we're just getting started.

We’re here to help property players unleash potentials through smart interiors

'Smart Interiors' is a concept that was created to make a property work FOR YOU. Using beautiful designs based on different furniture themes and colour schemes, we are able to transform your property into a stylish, comfortable home while keeping costs to a minimum.

In other words, smart interiors increase value with strikingly beautiful spaces created without the need to overspend on unnecessary stuff.

Buyers, tenants, and other property players make decisions solely based on emotions, which is why interiors MUST have an impact at first glance. Throw in affordability & quick turnaround time and you've got a win-win situation for everyone.

How have we impacted society?

Happy people enjoying better homes
RM141.9 mil
Total rental earned for clients to date
Units rented out higher than median rate
RM880.0 mil
worth of properties sold through our collaborations
Happy customers
Units rented out

We deliver

Joy, Profitability, and Trust

Everything we do is in the spirit of sparking joy; from improving living spaces to witnessing the awestruck look on the faces of home seekers, now able to live in their dream home.

Unleashing the potential of property spaces inevitably leads to profitability, which is our primary aim - to increase your Return On Investment (ROI) with virtually no hassle on your part.

We are proud of what we do, and we'll never stop striving to uphold the trust you have bestowed on us.

Our People

No, we don’t do people makeovers

The people in our organisation have willingly had their spirit, mind and soul made-over for the better, and we know that our collective energy and knowledge will undoubtedly impact whoever takes this journey with us.

So, in a way, we do do people makeovers.

Scaling new heights

Constantly striving for greater things involves facing new challenges every day, but we face them as a team. That’s why we’re always looking to expand our big happy family. Because the view from the top is meant to be enjoyed together.

And with your help, we can change the world together. One property at a time.

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