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The Makeover Care Partnered with Zurich General Insurance Get your designer home covered with a comprehensive home insurance protection plan designed specially for ownstay and property investor alike.

Protect you and your property

The Makeover Care is a full coverage of everything that is included in our makeover service i.e. furniture, wallpaper, lighting, and fittings against malicious and accidental damage.

Reach the full potential with your property

Apart from helping ownstay homeowners to live a more carefree life, The Makeover Care also helps to reduce rental worries and make it easier for property owners to provide higher value to their tenants. Happier tenants lead to higher demand, trickling down to a prosperous property market - a win-win situation for all.

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Protection against tenant malicious and accidental damages. T&C apply.

What’s covered?

This insurance covers malicious and accidental damage with a few exceptions such as natural disasters, war, malfunction of electronic equipment, and other occurrences as stated in the policy.

Malicious damage is defined as the crime of intentionally causing damage to a property. Accidental damages on the other hand, are completely unintentional.

This insurance covers renovations made to the existing structure of the property such as wallpapers, interior design and furniture.

What’s not covered?

Wear and tear damages are not covered, as they occur naturally through continued use of an object. Eg. a kitchen cabinet door hinge that gets damaged after 3 years of use.

It does not cover any revamp made to the structure of the property such as turning 3 bedrooms into 2 bedrooms.

The policy also does not cover the first RM250.00 for each loss. For example, if the amount of loss totals RM250.00 or less, no claim can be made.

Need to file a claim?

Log in to the Senang Portal and upload all relevant documents to register a claim. This includes details such as the claim amount and claim description, which will be provided to the insurance company via the Senang portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is The Makeover Care?

    The Makeover Care is a customised all-risk insurance policy underwritten by Zurich General Insurance and facilitated by Senang Insurance. Starting February 1, 2020, The Makeover Care has been included as an optional add-on with all our makeover services.

  • What does The Makeover Care cover?

    The Makeover Care offers comprehensive all-risk insurance coverage, encompassing renovations, furniture, and fittings provided and installed by us. Additionally, it extends coverage to both malicious and accidental damages.

  • How does this differ from building insurance?

    Building insurance primarily safeguards the structural components of a building and does not encompass the interior contents such as furniture, wallpaper, and light fittings.

  • What constitutes malicious damage?

    Malicious damage refers to the intentional act of causing harm to property, such as a tenant intentionally damaging a wall during their tenancy without prior notice. In such cases, a claim may be filed with Zurich General Insurance via Senang Insurance, supported by a police report. This policy covers malicious damage caused by tenants, including those from Airbnb rentals, subject to the agreed sum, which is documented in your insurance cover note.

  • What is considered accidental damage?

    Accidental damage pertains to harm caused by unintentional actions, for example, a kitchen fire resulting from a tenant's oversight in turning off the stove. In such cases, a claim can be filed with Zurich General Insurance via Senang Insurance.

  • Does this insurance cover theft and fraud cases?

    Yes, The Makeover Care provides coverage for both theft and fraud cases. To claim theft, evidence of a break-in, such as a broken window or door, is required. For fraud cases, where a tenant falsely reports theft, both the tenant and owner must file a police report and submit a claim. An investigation for claims exceeding RM12,000 may occur, and approval is contingent on the investigation's findings.

  • Does the insurance cover damages caused by household pets?

    Yes, the policy covers damages resulting from "impact damage" to items or structural elements installed by The Makeover Guys. Impact damage is defined as harm caused by physical impact, such as a tenant's pet breaking a glass door installed by The Makeover Guys. However, damages like those caused by pet urine or faeces on carpets are not covered.

  • Does this insurance cover termite damage?

    No, the policy does not cover damages resulting from gradual deterioration, including prolonged termite damage.

  • Does this insurance cover wiring and electrical plug points installed by The Makeover Guys?

    Yes, The Makeover Care covers all renovation work carried out by The Makeover Guys, provided the specific elements are listed in our quotation and final invoice.

  • Can I choose to cover only certain parts of the makeover?

    We strongly advise against selective coverage, as it increases the risk of under-insurance, potentially leading to partial claim payments. We recommend maintaining the insured sum or consulting with our partner, Senang Insurance, for professional guidance.

  • What is excluded from coverage under this insurance?

    The Makeover Care encompasses renovations to the existing property contents, such as wallpapers, cabinetry, and furniture. It does not cover structural alterations to the property, such as converting bedrooms. Additionally, a deductible of RM250.00 applies to each loss, meaning that losses amounting to RM250.00 or less are not claimable, and this amount is borne by the policyholder.

    The policy explicitly excludes coverage for wear and tear and gradual deterioration of items included in the makeover.

    Important note: Claims for items added to the makeover without our knowledge, and without supporting documents submitted during policy issuance, are automatically void.

  • Is a police report required for every registered claim?

    The necessity of a police report is determined on a case-by-case basis. You will receive guidance on whether a police report is required, especially for malicious damage or theft cases. A police report enables the insurance company to exercise subrogation rights, allowing them to legally pursue and investigate the responsible party.

  • What is the process to submit a claim?

    To file a claim, you must log in to the Senang Portal and upload all pertinent documents. This includes claim details such as the amount and description, which will be relayed to Zurich General Insurance via the Senang portal. Zurich General Insurance will provide a claim status number within 7 working days, along with status updates, accessible through Senang's official WhatsApp number or the Senang portal.

  • What is the process for claims payout?

    Claims are processed by Zurich General Insurance, with payouts directly wired to your account within 3 weeks from the submission date, assuming all necessary documents are included in the Senang portal submissions.

  • Would this void my policy if I added additional furnishings or renovations on top of the existing ones?

    No, adding additional items will not void your policy. However, you must declare these items and endorse them as part of the policy, which may require a top-up premium for the policy to remain active.

  • Under what circumstances are claims not payable?

    Claims may not be fulfilled due to insufficient supporting documents, such as the absence of purchase invoices for specific items. The Senang portal allows you to upload documents to your profile when purchasing goods, making them readily available for claim submissions once the policy cover note is issued.

  • Under what situations or circumstances will the insurance be rendered void/null?

    The insurance will be rendered void if it is discovered that the policy owner's name differs from the property owner's name. Additionally, fraudulent actions or cheating on the property owner's part, such as purchasing the policy only after damages and submitting a coverage claim, can nullify the claim.

  • How many times can claims be made in a year?

    Claims can be submitted as frequently as needed, but the total claimable amount is limited to the sum insured.

  • Can I purchase a longer coverage term?

    The insurance policy must be renewed annually. If the tenancy agreement extends beyond one year, please inform us during policy issuance if you desire automatic renewal after the initial year.

  • How do I renew the insurance?

    You will receive a renewal reminder via email or WhatsApp one month before the expiry date. To renew, simply log in to the Senang portal and complete the necessary payment. If you require any amendments, please specify them in the renewal notes.

  • Is the insurance transferable if I sell the property to another person?

    Yes, the insurance is transferable. You should cancel the policy under your name, and the new property owner can request Zurich General Insurance to continue the policy. Refunds will be provided accordingly.

  • Is SST applicable to the premium?

    Yes, both SST (Sales and Service Tax) and stamp duty are applicable to the insurance premium, with SST amounting to 6% of the insurance premium.

  • I’m interested in The Makeover Care! How can I sign up?

    To enroll in The Makeover Care, please contact Lisa at +6016-9003720. Existing customers can reach out to their Strategy Consultant for assistance.

  • What will I receive upon signing up for The Makeover Care?

    Upon enrolling in The Makeover Care, you will receive an email containing the insurance cover note, along with a copy of the policy wording and product disclosure sheet from Zurich General Insurance.