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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in the warranty?

    The warranty includes all furniture provided and installed by The Makeover Guys, which includes lighting, wallpaper, and fittings.

  • My fridge is broken, can I make a claim?

    Yes, we will send the warranty claim to the original manufacturer accordingly.

  • My light doesn’t switch on, is this included in the warranty?

    For lighting, we do provide extra light bulbs to compensate for wear and tear. If changing the light bulbs doesn't solve the problem, we will send in our maintenance team to help resolve the issue.

  • My wallpaper/paint is peeling off, is this covered under warranty?

    Yes it is, prior to inspection. However, If our maintenance team deems the cause as third party damages/ malicious damage after inspection, it is not covered under our warranty.

  • My roof/wall is leaking and the wallpaper is peeling off, can I make a warranty claim?

    Unfortunately not, our warranty covers only installation defects. In the case of water damage or wear & tear, it is not covered under our warranty. (It is, however, covered by Makeover Care)

  • My aircon is leaking because my wallpaper/paint is peeling off. Can I claim under warranty?

    If the aircon unit is not provided by us, it is considered third party item damage which is not covered by us.

    However, if the aircon unit is provided and installed by us, we will cover the damage. Do take note that if the fault lies in the original aircon piping, it is not covered under our warranty.

  • My wall shelves are loosened up, is that covered under warranty?

    Yes it is, prior to rectification by our maintenance team. In the case of improper use, it is not covered under warranty. Kindly take note: Our wall shelves have a weight limit of 5KG.

  • What's included in the warranty in terms of electronic appliances?

    Kindly refer to your original cost estimate for the list of electronic appliances included in your makeover.

  • My kitchen top is scratched. Can I make a claim?

    Unfortunately not, as scratches are considered wear and tear which does not fall under coverage of our warranty.