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Digital Marketing Specialist

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Full Time
1 position

The Role:
As the Digital Marketing Specialist at The Makeover Guys, you will oversee the digital analytics and media ad buy portfolio. Your work will directly impact our online presence.

What you will do:
1. Develop and execute strategic digital ads campaigns.
2. Analyze the performances of the digital ads, campaigns, and website.
3. Conduct A/B testing to optimize digital marketing efforts.
4. Conduct market research and identify growth opportunities and optimize ad placements.
5. Implement and test website features to ensure a user-friendly experience for the user.
6. Additional ad-hoc tasks.

Job Requirements

1. Experience in digital analytics and media Ad buying; Website UX Design is a plus!
2. Strong analytical skills and the ability to translate data into actionable insights.
3. Ability to work in a fast-paced and collaborative environment.
4. Excellent communication and project management skills.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia