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Time is money

Every second lost is lost income.

Which is why we came up with a simple solution for a very complicated problem.

The average investor spends 20 days planning out their investment property strategy.

Now it's just a matter of talking to the right people.

80% of property investors feel confused when they cannot gauge market rates, leading to unnecessary stress and difficulty.

What if there was a way to:

Know which interior works best for your property
Understand data-based rental analytics for your property
Receive step-by-step guidance, rather than constantly having to make decisions
Transform your property in just 30 working days*
Get professional help renting your property - for free!
*West Malaysia only

Online Consultation Team

We're a team of strategy, interior,and rental experts.


Here’s what you will get from our FREE online consultation:

  • Rental analytics
    How to attract the right tenants.
  • Space planning
    Effective strategy to boost rentability.
  • Quotation
    Setting up an optimal budget.
  • Virtual guided tour
    View previous unit makeovers from the comfort of your home.

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Benefits of working with The Makeover Guys

  • Makeover Care

    All our makeovers include a FREE 6-month insurance plan to protect your investment.

  • 12 months warranty

    We guarantee a job well done so you can welcome new tenants with open arms.

  • KL Expat Malaysia x TMOG

    Working with KL Expats gives us an endless supply of quality tenants!

  • Our track record

    Over 2,400 units completed with 99.2% units rented out at higher-than-median rates.

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