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Our WorkThe rental market in Residensi 22, Mont Kiara remains competitive!

Residensi 22 is a real luxury condominium in terms of facilities and unit size. The sizes are generally larger than what other condominiums offer, starting at 1,909 sf and going up to over 3,000 sf.

There are only 4 units per floor, so you can see that the design intent of this condominium is really to boast luxury and comfort for its dwellers.

Despite its perks, Residensi 22 continues to be a major struggle for rental seekers. Now, why is that?

The Challenges!

So here's the deal. The luxury market isn't really performing at its peak these couple of years. In challenging economic times, the first segment to get hit is the luxury segment. With asking rentals averaging from RM 6,000 to RM12,000, this really isn't a product for the masses.

To top it all off, there will be a total of 534 units when all 4 blocks complete. That's a lot of units to compete with, moreover in this already niche segment.

That's just internal competition. Mont Kiara on its own has a lot of large luxury units too, being a high end neighborhood. Residensi 22 will really have to stand out amongst the many other luxury condominiums available here.

The Truth!

Now now, it's not all doom and gloom! Being a new kid on the block is one of its main attractions. Residensi 22 sits on a prime location with many amenities within reach.

The truth is, the rental rates aren't much different from the older luxury condominiums around here. What this means is, for the same price, I can rent a spanking brand new luxury condominium instead of an old one.

To top it off, if you do a search on what sort of interiors the other owners are providing, you'll see that it's not hard to beat. The current market offers are pretty lackluster, to say the least (that's GOOD NEWS to you).

So How Do I Attract These Tenants?

What is important here is to understand that you are catering to a very niche market. Not many people can afford RM6,000 to RM12,000 rentals.

If they can afford it, chances are they are very busy people with a lot of responsibilities on their shoulder.

What you need to do is to sell them convenience. Completely furnish your unit so it appeals to them. I mean hey, who doesn't like a hassle-free move in?

Provide all necessities right down to cutleries, beddings and electrical appliances. Yes, they may have their own preference when it comes to beddings, but hey, at least they can buy the upgraded versions during their free time.

Finally, it's a no brainer that it has to look good. It's a luxury condominium. Imagine paying 5-star hotel rates to get 3-star motel interiors. You'll walk away too.

Here are some pictures of how we came up with a cost effective way to achieve the above, and to safeguard your interests as a property investor.

The Result?

This unit was rented out in under a month at RM12,000 per month.

We've done a number of units in Residensi 22 too, and all of them were rented out in under 3 viewings at top tier rentals. To be honest, the leasing team has requested more units from us too, as the demand for units looking like this is still strong.

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