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A Beginner’s Guide to Home Renovation: The 2022 Designer’s Edition

Article published September 2022

A home is where you make it. Oftentimes, that involves serious money, though you tell yourself, it’s an investment. But where do you even begin? Well, you’re in luck. After multiple sit-downs with our designers and compiling much-needed information, we’re ready to share an exclusive inside scoop on perfecting not just any home renovation, but a designer home makeover by The Makeover Guys. From lighting to furnishing of rooms and down to the cost and budget estimate, this article touches base on everything necessary to make your house into a home.


Before we get into it, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The final packages will be different depending on layout, requirements and availability of furnishings. 
  • The projected budgets and estimated costs below are based on an average-sized condominium that is about 800 – 1,000 sq ft. 


Laying the Foundation

1. Lighting, wiring works, and painting

Known as the “dirty phase” of the entire renovation process, it’s also a crucial one because it establishes the overall groundwork for the concept and ambience of the entire house. This includes lighting, wiring works, and painting of feature walls. Each collection will include basic lights for the entire unit and feature lights for the dining and master bedroom. The three collections we currently provide are Standard, Premium, and Lux, and all collections include canvas floor protection, general upkeep of the site, and post-renovation debris disposal and cleaning. 

In-house workers performing wiring works for the installation of lighting


For a basic unit with a living room and three bedrooms, expect to pay approximately RM1,500 for ceiling fans and RM8,000 for air conditioners – including installation.


Designer’s Hacks

  1. Choose an inverter air conditioner if you plan to use it for extended periods of time because it uses less electricity.
  2. Three blades are more than plenty for the fans in the living room of this size, but a baby fan would be more practical for the bedrooms. This is because a normal-sized fan might hit the wardrobe or create a flickering effect from the long blades ‘chopping’ the light source.


RM11,000 to RM21,000

Approximate figure of basic to extensive design



Setting the Scene 

2. Foyer

There isn’t much that can be incorporated in the entry foyer, however, a shoe cabinet might be the most viable option. 


Built-in wooden shoe cabinet placed at the foyer.



A loose unit would cost you roughly RM600, while a built-in would cost you about RM1,000.


Designer’s Hacks

  • Know how many pairs of shoes you own.
  • A smaller footprint shoe cabinet would be appropriate in a small space, but if you have many shoes and are moving into a small space, opt for a taller shoe cabinet rather than a bulkier one.


RM600 to RM1,000

Approximate figure of basic to extensive design



3. Living Room

With our collections, your living room will be furnished with a designer sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, and wall shelves. In this section, the sofa and choosing a TV cabinet, whether it’s a stand or wall mount, will be your biggest expenses. 


Living room designed with our Makeover Guys theme featuring the coffee table, sofa and TV console.


Designer’s Hacks

  • A built-in cabinet can mask TV wires, which is especially useful for wall-mounted televisions, and it’s more customisable in terms of design.
  • In order to bring colour to a room and help define the decor, it’s always a good idea to have a single lounge chair and rug.  


RM6,500 to RM10,000

Approximate figure of basic to extensive design



4. Dining Room

We recommend a dining table and chairs that seat four people. As long as the dining table is not too close to the hall fan, which could cause it to swing, pendant lights can be set above it.


Complete dining table set with pendant lights designed with our Makeover Guys theme.



Designer’s Hacks

  • Not only can installing a pendant light fixture in your dining area add some flair, but it will also set the right ambience and create the perfect mood. 
  • When planning the number of dining chairs you’ll need, keep in mind the number of household members you have to help with the positioning and placement of the table for the walkway.


RM2,000 to RM2,500

Approximate figure of basic to extensive design



5. Master Bedroom

We will include a queen-sized bed and mattress from our collaboration with Akemi x The Makeover Guys in our collection. The mattress measures 28 cm in height and has a 10-year warranty. The master bedroom will be further equipped with two side tables, a wardrobe (up to 6 feet), a dressing table with a mirror and a chair, and wall shelves. The cost is most significantly impacted by your choice between a built-in or loose wardrobe.



Master bedroom with pendant lights, bed and decorative items to suit the design theme.

Designer’s Hacks

  • If you have a lot of clothes, a built-in wardrobe might be something you’re interested in as an effective way to organise them. It’s also a good investment as it comes with more storage space. 
  • Because we tend to sweat when we sleep, using a mattress protector will help the mattress last longer by shielding it from dirt, sweat, wear and tear. Not to mention, cleaning is easier – simply toss it in the washer.


RM5,500 to RM9,500

Approximate figure of basic to extensive design



6. Study Room

The study area should be functional, therefore it will be fitted with a work desk, a designer chair, and wall shelves. This is both essential and advised. 


Study room designed by our Makeover Guys theme which includes wall shelves, a designer chair, and work desk.


Designer’s Hacks

  • The best lighting for a study room is cool white lighting with a 4000k colour temperature.
  • A built-in work desk could be an option if you need more room for storing your files and paperwork.


RM1,000 to RM2,500

Approximate figure of basic to extensive design



7. Bathroom

Often the bathroom stores many household cleaning and toiletry products. To keep yours neat and tidy, opt for a built-in mirror cabinet with storage. As storage space is never enough, you may choose to further add a built-in undersink storage which comes in a laminate finish. Water heaters and installation are also provided.


Mirror and undersink built-in cabinet.


Designer’s Hacks

  • If the bathroom comes with a rounded sink, it will require a flat platform underneath, and only then can a cabinet be installed. As a result, this will incur additional charges.
  • Laminates are economical and water-resistant, making them a good choice for the surface finish of cabinet doors. However, if you prefer waterproof cabinets, aluminium is the way to go. 


RM300 to RM3,500

Approximate figure of basic to extensive design



8. Kitchen

Our kitchen makeover features built-in base cabinets and wall-hung cabinets in melamine finish, which comes with a single bowl undermount stainless steel sink. If needed, plumbing relocation and retiling works are included. 


White & wooden themed kitchen cabinets.


As for the countertop, both quartz and solid surface materials are popular choices used widely. They both look great in any kitchen and cost virtually the same, albeit quartz countertops costing a fraction more. However, if you plan to work up the kitchen and impress with your culinary skills, we recommend choosing a quartz countertop as a long-lasting feasible investment.


Quartz Solid Surface
Low Maintenance ★★★ ★★☆
Mold & Mildew Resistant ★★★ ★★☆
Scratch Resistant ★★★ ★★☆
Heat Resistant ★★★ ★★☆
Value ★★★ ★★★



A kitchen island will add character to any kitchen. Choosing to build one would cost approximately an additional RM6,000.


Designer’s Hacks

  • A backsplash is highly recommended behind the cooking area to protect from any splatter or grease that may damage and discolour the walls.
  • For those seeking to conserve space, a domino hob lined vertically would be ideal. 
  • Before making an investment in a kitchen space, take into account your lifestyle. For instance, if you don’t cook much or use the kitchen often, a smaller kitchen would be preferable as the kitchen typically requires the largest spending.
  • Make sure to obtain measurements before purchasing a refrigerator for best fit guarantee.


RM7,000 to RM14,500

Approximate figure of basic to extensive design



Finishing Touches

To top it all off, we will add curtains and sheer layers, basic soft furnishings, decoratives and home accessories that are consistent with the design theme you pick from our collection. 


RM2,400 to RM4,000

Approximate figure of basic to extensive design




With a proper budget plan in place, home renovation can be a breeze. Be mindful that there’s no fixed cost where renovation is concerned. But, budgeting can be a great place to start!


Here’s the budget range you should aim for:


RM40,500 to RM78,000

Approximate figure of basic to extensive design




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