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Before / AfterHow the right makeover can beat slow rental demand
By Michelle Teh | 2 Jan 2020

Lakeville Residence, Jalan Ipoh

Mr. L (owner) bought over a unit in Lakeville Residence for investment purposes. However, he is constantly out of the country for work and has little or no time at all to attend to property matters. His unit stayed vacant for 4 months without any progress on getting rent

Lakeville Residence is a leasehold property located in Taman Wahyu with beautiful views of a lake and surrounding greenery. Despite being located in a relatively accessible area, that particular location was going through a slow period of rental demand at the time. 


Based on our analysis, the market rental of a bare unit was around RM 1400, and a fully furnished unit was going for RM 1800. After meeting up and consulting Mr. L on how best to increase his chances of rental, he agreed with us wholeheartedly and we got to work. 


The team came through with an amazing makeover that thoroughly impressed the client - he was particularly pleased with our attention to detail and regular progress updates. After the makeover, Mr. L was immediately flooded with inquiries which gave him the option to pick and filter tenants at his leisure.
He eventually settled on a local Chinese working professional for a great rental rate (RM 2500) within just 2 weeks!

Thank you Mr. L for your trust and faith in us, it was a real pleasure working together. Until the next time!

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Enjoy the pictures below, they are from a similar development and targeted rental market 

Michelle Teh
Property Strategy Consultant