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Before / AfterRented at RM2500 to a preferred tenant profile
By Sin Yee | 29 Dec 2019

Verdi, Cyberjaya

Elsa, the owner (not real name), purchased her unit at Verdi via subsale and planned to rent it out. Verdi units are called Eco-Domoniums (love the name) because they blend rich green landscapes with modern city living. As soon as Elsa received her keys, she reached out to us to work on her unit. As she is based in Seremban, she was in need of a hassle-free service that'll take care of the process from start to finish without her having to travel back & forth.

After our phone conversation, she was comfortable to move forward and trusted us fully. After confirming the deal, she mailed us her keys and access card.


The going market rate for fully-furnished Verdi units at the time was RM 2200. To spruce up her unit, we decided to go with a new design theme called Sparks of Retro. This was a particular favourite of Elsa and it matched perfectly with a sofa she had bought earlier.


After applying our magic, the unit looked absolutely charming and ready to welcome tenants (the sofa blended perfectly with our designs, too ). Elsa was overjoyed with the outcome, and shared with us that initially she had used another vendor for an investment unit in Shah Alam but was disappointed - they cost more and the results didn't look as good as ours 
(pat pat pat on the back). She wished that she had gotten to know us earlier!


Within a month following the makeover, her agent found her a tenant from the exact profile she was going after - a high ranking professional expatriate. She was elated and immediately agreed for the tenant to move in the very next day.

The team and I are extremely to grateful for the trust placed in us by Elsa, and we look forward to the next one!

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Sin Yee
Property Strategy Consultant

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