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Before / AfterCan you really rent out a unit at RM12,000?
By Sin Yee | 4 Dec 2019

MK28, Mont Kiara

Mr Chin (not real name) is our existing client with 2 units done by us prior to this. His tenants had just completed their term at the end of Sep’19, so we met him a few days later to arrange move-out procedures with his agent. Also, he wanted to meet us for a consultation session on what's next for his unit.


Mr Chin shared that he had already received new inquiries for his unit - potential prospects were willing to pay up to RM 8,500, with tenants ready to move-in as per the original unit condition. That would mean no down-time of securing tenants! Sounds awesome right?

Well, not quite. Mr Chin's monthly commitment to the bank is (drink water first ) RM10K, therefore renting out at RM 8.5K would not work. He had also spent RM100K on renovation fees 10 years ago when he first bought the unit (check out the before photos! ).


As Mr Chin was familiar with our processes, he had sent all the relevant info we needed prior to our meet up, and we were able to prepare and bring a quotation along. We discussed on the spot what had to be done to increase his rental value, and closed the deal on site. 

With no time to waste, we kickstarted the project and our team begin work. Mr Chin is very hands-on and kept checking on our progress while his agent started fishing for prospects. By Week 2, he updated us that a prospect was interested, even though there were no progress photos yet! By Week 4, we were able to send some WIP photos and they worked a charm - the agent brought the prospect for a notchet-finish-makeover viewing (we accommodated this request specially for Mr Chin only).


It was now Week 5 and the prospect requested to view the unit again, after viewing other units like Arcoris and others. We still had some painting work, cleaning, and deco yet to be completed, but the prospect was impressed with what he saw all the same.

We held the official handover on 20th Oct and Mr Chin shared the good news that he was very happy with our work! Although the new design concepts used took him some getting used to, he trusted our taste and reasoning that these are the new design trends tenants will love. And we were right! The designs did the job (RM 12,000 ) and Mr Chin is now a trendsetter landlord.

The team and I were extremely happy to see Mr Chin overjoyed with yet another project by The Makeover Guys, so pats on the back for everyone! 

Looking to rent out your property? The Makeover Guys helps maximize your property’s rental potential through tried & tested smart interiors, and we help with tenant acquisition too. Send us a message today for a free property consultation!

Sin Yee
Property Strategy Consultant

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