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InsightsImprove your property's look - lights
By The Makeover Guys | 25 Jul 2019

Proper lighting is crucial, so let's not take lighting lightly.


We generally use feature lights to enhance large living areas such as the dining room or (rarely) the living room. Dining rooms are best because the lights can hang down to eye-level over a table, which has a LOT of impact and immediately draws your attention towards it. And since there's a table, you won't hit your head on low hanging bulbs. 


How’s it hanging? No, seriously - are your lights hanging in a creative way? There's absolutely no need for expensive fixtures when you know how to make it interesting. Try the ‘loop & hook’ effect - use simple bulbs and extend the wires, hooking it at a desired point. Then just let it hang.


When it comes to ambient lighting, there’s a big difference between spot lights and flood lights. Spot lights are those that focus lighting to a particular spot, while flood lights would be something like a flourescent tube which provides light in all directions. Really depends on what you're going for.


Our favourite way to create the spotlight effect is to use track lighting, Track lights don’t need a plaster ceiling to hack light points, therefore you simply use a track and keep it neat.

By the way, we don’t encourage plaster ceilings as they require an elaborate process to hack the light points and put it all back together again. And you may have to repaint certain areas, which may end up looking different to the old paint coat, and that adds cost. Keep it light. Reallocate your unit's budget to something of value to your tenants (a Nintendo console, maybe? )

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