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InsightsIs Your PROPERTY Fetching RETURNS?
By The Makeover Guys | 9 Jul 2019


The typical investor journey is as follows: research as much as possible on what property to buy, consider price, location, convenience, amenities, and so on. Next, make a decision and invest in a chosen property. And lastly - wait, now what?

Simply owning your property and hoping you’ll get tenants is not the ideal path for a property investor - in today’s property market, competitors and picky customers want bang for their buck. You need to have an edge over the average market offering.

Some choose to avoid the additional investment required and suffer the consequences - it’s no use to complain about rentals, or blame agents for not doing their due diligence. Some will say the market is down, oversupply of properties, etc. etc.

And that’s why the ideal path requires a *crucial last step* - taking the initiative to invest a little more into beautifying your property. This raises property value, beats out the average competition, and increases rental demand.


Looking at the Property Demand Pyramid, the biggest chunk at the bottom is taken up by unfurnished properties - there’s plenty to go around but no one really gives them a second look. Above that is partially-furnished properties. Still no one’s ideal choice, and they’re not particularly pleasing to the eye. For instance, a room with a mattress and two chairs still looks pretty bare, particularly if the walls are empty.

Where you want to be is right at the top of the pyramid - the ‘Designer Fully Furnished’ portion. All property seekers buy or rent purely based on emotions, as it is with everything else (apart from necessities, of course). Empty rooms do not trigger an emotional response - beautifully furnished rooms do.

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