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In The NewsNew year, new room, new rental possibilities!
By The Makeover Guys | 13 Jan 2017

We’ve been featured in! is the largest student accommodation platform in Malaysia, and in today’s lukewarm market, room rentals is a viable rental option for property investors to beef up their returns.

Now, before we jump onto the room rental market bandwagon, we must check if the property is suitable for room rentals. The biggest tenant segment open to room rentals is of course the student market, followed by the young working adults segment. If any of these are available to your property, you may consider room rentals as an option for achieving higher returns.

However there are a few other considerations though when it comes to room rentals. First and foremost, there will be the increased effort on the landlord’s part. This is not going to take up a whole lot of time as opposed to short-term stay / Airbnb but yes it’ll still be more effort than a traditional long term let. This is where property management companies come in handy. You may opt to subscribe to their services, and if your unit is furnished and attractive, chances are your returns will still be higher than conventional tenancies, even after covering associated costs.

Another point to note is the tenancy agreement, which must clearly define the joint responsibility of the common areas, for example the living rooms, bathrooms and kitchen.
And lastly you may also opt to speak with us! We use proven strategies to help increase yields in student areas. There’s no better time than now to start making your property work for you, so contact us for an obligation-free chat.

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