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A Simple Guide To Painting Feature Walls
By The Makeover Guys | 20 Apr 2020

The Makeover Guys X Jotun Malaysia

It’s the second month of the MCO and we hope you’re holding up well! Even though you may feel quite helpless and caged right about now. We’re sure that all the extra time at home will come to good use.

There’s now time to pick up a new skill, bond with your family members, finally watch that TV series that everyone else seems to have seen, or be thankful that you don’t have to talk to your neighbours (same as before MCO la - let’s be honest),

Since we’re confined to our 4 walls anyway, why not use this time to make those walls more beautiful?

With these simple wall-painting tips, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to roll up your sleeves and add a designer’s touch to your personal space. It’s really good to keep the body moving too, so make a fun day out of it! 

Wall-come To My Home

The walls are the first thing we see with our eyes when entering a house, because they suit our eye level at any height.

That's why at The Makeover Guys, we always recommend starting with the walls to improve a space and impress budding tenants.

An attractive feature wall already makes your entire unit 50% designer-approved! 

Let’s go into the step-by-step process. First, choose your feature wall. The recommended areas are:

1. The first wall you see from your main door - that sets the first impression. 
2. A place where you hang out the most. 
3. Living area - the wall behind the sofa or TV). Great eye-candy for guests, too.
4. Bedroom - bed headwall and the wall facing your bed. Improves sleep & rest. 
5. ZOOM corner - where you take selfies or do conference calls. Zooming with a beautiful background feels so good!

Are You Feeling The Colour?

Next, decide on the wall colour. Did you know that colours have a huge influence on our mood? We even use it in our language eg. “Oh I feel blue”, “I feel great and in the pink of health!”. Of course blue walls don’t make you sad, but you get the picture. 

Each wall colour transmits a unique frequency and energy that influences our mood & feel towards a living space. Let’s take a look at the different colours and their meanings below:  

RED - Excitement, Power,  Passion, Courage, Love,

The colour red provides an earthly power, injecting energy to take on the day.  

YELLOW  - Optimism, Fun, Joy, Happiness, Confident, Creativity 

Yellow energy is one of the best emotional stimulants, bringing joy, awareness, and creativity.

BLUE - Calm, Tranquility, Security, Connection, Mysticism 

Blue is mentally relaxing and can calm the nerves effectively. Helps with sleep issues and pacifies kids with hyperactive tendencies. 

GREEN - Peace, Fresh, Balance, Restful, Growth

Cleanses and balances our energy & thoughts, helps with relaxation of muscles & nerves, and it brings peace and harmony. 

PINK - Compassion, Love, Feminine, Caring, Tenderness 

A toned-down color from the passionate red, pink gives off a gentle loving energy instead.

Choosing The Colour Scheme 

This is the most important part for a designer to get right, because colours can be quite fickle. One day you may feel it, another day it may not look the way you intended. The best way to work with colours is to know your target audience, but obviously in this case the only “target audience” is you and your family. However, for illustration purposes, we’ll show you two examples of feature wall colour combinations that are suited to young tenants.  

The colours you choose for the feature wall will set the overall theme of the unit. Instead of picking many colours or only 1 colour, the Golden Rule is to have 1 base color (60%), 1 secondary colour (30%), and 10% highlights (any complimentary colour). 

Example 1

Example 2

Getting To Work 

Once you have settled on which colours to use, it’s time to paint! Follow the simple steps below to paint your feature wall.

To illustrate the steps, we’ve used the 2020 top recommended paint by Jotun Malaysia, which is the Majestic True Beauty series (see below for more details):

1. Use sandpaper to sand the wall if there are uneven surfaces.

2. Wipe away dust on the wall with a cloth.

3. Apply one coat of Jotun Majestic Primer.

4. Leave it to dry for 2 hours before applying top coat.

5. Apply the first coat of Majestic True Beauty Sheen/Matt.

6. Leave it to dry up to 2 hours (depending on humidity & temperature).

7. Apply a second coat of Majestic True Beauty Sheen/Matt.

8. Leave it dry for 2 hours. 

The Majestic True Beauty Sheen & Majestic True Beauty Matt are the top choice of paints in your home as they blend simplistic textures with an elegant finish. It is not just the colour, but the quality of paint that plays a vital role in making your home feel warm and inviting. Here are a few reasons why you’ll enjoy painting with the Majestic True Beauty series:

  • True Colour experience
  • Luxurious smooth finish. 
  • Easy-clean superior finish
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal 

Explore Jotun 2020 Colour Trends here

And there you have it! With a little planning and execution, you can transform your unit and have it looking like a designer home in no time.

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